A New Tomorrow

Writer(s) Luminescence
Date published September 14th, 2014
Words 9,966
Status ongoing
Type/genre Romance Sad Crossover Slice of Life Alternate Universe
Featuring Roseluck, Carrot Top
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Sveta Ichimo is a normal Pokemon Breeder. No really, just a Pokemon breeder. Even specializes in Normals. Up until today, he worked as an adventuring breeder, trying to figure out how to make Poffins, Pokecubes, and even Pokepuffs better.

Now, being forcibly removed from a world he was quite happy in to one that is brighter, more colorful he will be presented many a problem. In his new, much smaller body, he will have to act towards moving on in this strange new world with such people, err, ponies in it.