A New World, A New Dawn
A new world a new dawn cover art by goldenmanbaby-d8dg9qs

Writer(s) Uber Reaper
Date published January16th, 2015
Words 199,454
Status ongoing
Type/genre Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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"One must do all they can depending on the situation."

That's what I always say to myself, at least. Me? I'm just a trainer who aim to defeat every single champion and become the strongest. That's the goal that I carry with me until the end of time. One day, a massive world changing event occured. Of all the thing I expected to happen, this isn't one of them. A new world where peace rules with iron fist, diverse inhabitants, even meeting a new friend. Because of that, a lot of things happen to me.

My name is Eric Angelo, this is my story. Our legend where everything begins anew.