A New World, A New Family
Writer(s) Lance Skyes
Date published September 28th, 2014
Words 91,693
Status ongoing
Type/genre Romance Crossover Slice of Life Alternate Universe Human
Featuring Lyra, Bonbon
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Felix is just like any ordinary Pokemon Trainer. His team, just like any ordinary team. His bond with his Kangaskhan and its daughter, now that's a bit unusual. There's no romance between them, rather the fact that Felix helps to take care of the little one, almost becoming a father figure towards her. This is all well and good, but the mother doesn't think it's enough. She thinks what her baby needs is an actual father. Plus, though she won't admit it, she does have feelings towards Felix. How to tell him about it, though? Arceus might be able to help with that...

Flash forward to the following morning in Equestria, and Lyra and Bon Bon have woken up to the anniversary of when they first started dating. After this long year, the two have really gotten to know each other. So much so, that Bon Bon plans on making a decision that would change their relationship forever. Her plans are halted, however, when an unusual creature winds up on their doorstep. What's unusual isn't how small it is, why it looks like a cross between a rabbit and a dinosaur, nor the fact that it isn't even indigenous to Equus. What's unusual is how it can only communicate by squeaking "Kangaskhan."

At the same time, a mother who's lost her daughter is not something to trifle with. Unfortunately, Felix learns this the hard way, followed by the discovery of an unusual change that happened to his... everything. And let's not ignore how his Kangaskhan feels about her trainer's new body.