A New World, A New Kickstart

Writer(s) FangDriver8
Date published October 3rd, 2014
Words 4,259
Status hiatus
Type/genre Romance Comedy Crossover Adventure
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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"Hi, my name is Damien. I became a Blaziken when Arceus decided to take all the Pokemon population and most of the human race, which are turned to Pokemon in the process, to a world filled with multi-colored Ponyta look-alike creatures with butt tattoos called ponies. Reason: I have no idea. Am I liking it so far: no. Well, at least I'm with my best friend Shelldon the Blastoise, so it's not that bad. Now that I'm here, might as well explore it, while at the same time look for my Pokemon friends."