A New World, Another Day
Greninja shadow of the city remake by silvercrow95-d74o33w

Writer(s) Orange Pudding
Date published August 22nd, 2014
Words 21,829
Status ongoing
Type/genre Gore Tragedy Dark Crossover Alternate Universe Human
Featuring Twilight Sparkle, Discord, Mane 6
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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So, my name is Miles. And my life is hell now. Or at least, half of it.

What the heck does that mean? Well, long story short, I was sent through a portal right when Arceus decides to send "all the good little boys and girls and pokémon to a happy land of ponies and rainbows". Bleh, I wish.

See, that machine I was inside caused a little... um, glitch in the legendaries' plan for me. It seemingly sent me to an alternate timeline, where the ponies waged a war and caused the apocalypse. I find myself in the "Equestrian Wasteland" at first. Good news, though, I'm not stuck there the entire time.

Thanks to my now unstable genetic make-up, I'm constantly flipping back and forth between the timeline that I was SUPPOSED to be in, and the one I was not. So I can be at a party in town one minute, then BOOM: I wake up to find myself in a town full of raiders. F$%@. Celebi better hurry up and fix this. I'm gonna die if I'm left out here too long.