A New World, Filled With Curiosity

Writer(s) glitchhunter5000
Date published July 16th, 2015
Words 24,312
Status ongoing
Type/genre Crossover Slice of Life Alternate Universe
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Story DescriptionEdit

"I'm a Quilava. I got a new home. It's awesome!"

Lucky Streak waited for the moment to get a pet. But what happens when Arceus decides to throw a bunch of Pokémon onto Equestria? Well, it's just his luck that now he gets a young, curious Quilava and a wise Noctowl as his newfound partners.

"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. That's why my thoughts shall be brimming with positive ideas. A new place where relaxation comes easily, where a curious Quilava inquires of my information, and a pony showing me the power of creativity... My name is William Shaketalon, this new world I shall take hold, and this new world is my own."


A Quilava wakes up nearby Ponyville and enters to find someone to fix his watch. What this feral wasn't expecting was to get a new home along with a fixed watch. Follow the adventures as Quilava adjusts to his new home!


Quilava is a feral Pokémon who curious about the world around him. He is willing to learn about anything and everything to fit in to his new home. He also owns a watch.

William Shaketalon is an owl Noctowl who greatly enjoys a good book. He quotes random Shakespeare quotes and takes pride in teaching Quilava new things to help him understand.

Felix (aka Lucky Streak) is a pony with a gray coat, black mane, and three four-leaf clovers as a cutie mark. He's an outgoing and optimistic pony who's very carefree and heavily reliant on luck.

Murph is a human transformed into a Munchlax when thrown into the new world. His attempts to be funny usually cheer people up due to how terrible he is with his jokes, and no one can ever take him seriously. He is very determined to bring back the Ranger Pose.