A New World, Same Shadows
Writer(s) Tyrant Chaos
Date published June 1st, 2015
Words 45,396
Status ongoing
Type/genre Romance Crossover Slice of Life Alternate Universe Human
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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James Kirikaze had seen the worst in humanity. Poachers as a kid, Team Magma and Aqua's idiotic "turf war", Poképhiles who treated their Pokémon as objects, and the less said about Team Rocket the better. So when he awoke in a world populated by talking ponies, he wasn't too surprised.

Then again, he was still getting over becoming a Pokémon himself.

With a new name to fit his new identity "Kira" decides it's time to bring the shadows of this world to light...when Selene isn't making advances on him...or Rin isn't grilling him for information...or Cinder doesn't want to play or...

you know it could be a while...