A New World, a New Identity
By votederpycausemufins-d8roery

Writer(s) Floofking
Date published March 8th, 2015
Words 74,056
Status ongoing
Type/genre Sex Comedy Crossover Alternate Universe
Featuring Fancy Pants
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Tyler was a fairly average Pokémon trainer from Hoenn. All he really wanted was to explore, battle, and grow stronger. But all of that is interrupted when Arceus escapes his ancient prison and brings him, his team, and many other inhabitants of his planet to Equus.

Now, with the help of Fancypants, a rich noblepony, and Valerie, an unique Poison-type eeveelution, he must face a variety of challenges with help from his friends, new and old, as he learns to live with his new body, in this brand new world.