A New World, a New Ribbon

Writer(s) Scarletmenace
Date published October 1st, 2014
Words 47,981
Status ongoing
Type/genre Sex Romance Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Clara Devita was a Pokémon coordinator that was recognized throughout the world as a prodigy in the art. It only took her several years to achieve goals that most coordinators could only dream of. Many of them viewed her as an idol where she represented the coming new age of Pokémon coordination. However, Clara had a secret. A secret so great that not only would it brand her a criminal, but it would also destroy her dream.

Prepared to spend the rest of her life hiding her secret from society's scrutinizing eyes, Clara continued to live her life with the constant fear of being caught, that is until she and her team are whisked away to a new world by the all powerful Arceus. There, Clara will have to face new challenges in her new much more plush body, in order to keep doing what she loves best.