A New World A New Order
Writer(s) Tristar
Date published November 17th, 2014
Words 9,638
Status ongoing
Type/genre Romance Comedy Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe
Featuring Coco Pummel
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Team Plasma had broken in two with those Loyal to N on one side while on the other power hungry followers of the madman Ghetsis. They are the honor guard sworn to protect N no matter the cost not that they could keep track of the kid he was a slippery bugger.

After dealing with yet another of Ghetsis private operations the honor guard for some odd reason find themselves on a new world not even sure if they are worthy! Now Orion the leader of the guard must gather the remainder of the guard and possibly if they are lucky find N and do what they failed to do on there own world Protect him!