A New World With New Seas

Writer(s) Robomac
Date published September 11th, 2014
Words 7,053
Status cancelled
Type/genre Crossover Adventure Human
Featuring Sapphire Shores
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Captain Stu was a very young man who obtained and retained his title because of one particular trait: he never gets angry, frustrated, or flustered. He is calm and collected no matter the situation and always quick to a decision. This has served him well ever since taking over his father's Supply Vessal, but when Arceus decides to move nearly all Pokémon and 90% of human's over to Equuis; he finds that what works above the waves isn't so useful below them. It doesn't help that he's a ferocious looking Gyarados now. Whoever decided that must have a serious love of irony.