A new world, A new horde
New Horde

Writer(s) TSLsmokey
Date published September 25, 2014
Words 17,640
Status ongoing
Type/genre Comedy Crossover Alternate Universe
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
Show connection Season 4
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For the Vermillion Forest Pikachu, life was pretty peaceful. Apart from the occasional electric mishap the other Pokemon left them to their own devices allowing them to grow freely. But then the rapture happened. All of them were sent to a new world and the worst part? They were all separated, flung to different parts of this place. Unity seemed very unlikely. Some were lucky and found sanctuary quickly. Others not so much.

When the second-in-command finds a friend in the isolated inventor Experiment, things begin to look up. Perhaps he can reunite the horde after all?


Xavier Periment: AKA Experiment. A grey unicorn with a white mane and a penchant for inventing. His inventions are the core reason why he exists and why he isolates himself. He has a habit of not completing inventions after getting sidetracked by other ideas and as a result, his workshop tends to be a bit... well cluttered. His lab is a gigantic labyrinth that even he gets lost in on a constant basis and he's slightly paranoid thanks to events that got him kicked out of Canterlot. He also doesn't know any spells apart from the basic levitation. He's kinda lacking in that area.

Red Cell: A pink unicorn with a red mane... and a twisted pleasure in others suffering. Red Cell is a top-class medic with top of the line equipment designed by her brother, Experiment, and her former co-worker Twisted Gear. She studied in Germaney and got top honors from her medical school but lost her license when she removed a patients skeleton while he still lived. Her medibeam can heal most wounds almost instantly and everything else quickly. However, due to her rather infamous sadistic nature she is barred from most hospitals.

Heavy: A brown stallion with... well no mane. He's got incredible strength, enough to lift a heavily modified minigun which only fires magic bullets. He seems simple enough but he was smart enough to graduate with a degree in literature of all things. He's highly protective of both Red Cell and his minigun, named Sasha. Of the nine teammates he worked with, his talent was the most different than their line of work but he stayed on anyways.

Thinker: The second-in-command of the Vermillion Forest Pikachus. He helped Leader keep an eye on the goings of the horde and helped run things. His logical nature means that he's pretty dense and there are times where he'll completely phase emotions out of the equation. However when the chips are down, he can rely on his heart instead of his mind. He also possesses the ability Lightningrod which he keeps hidden when he can as he considers it an ace up his metaphorical sleeve.

Jackal: A thief from the Canterlot slums, he was originally working for a stallion known as Profiteur. When the tables are tipped on him and his attempt to force Experiment out of his lab, he got locked in said labs in the labyrinth portion. After Experiment saved him, he showed his true colors. Jackal is loyal to those who actually give a damn about him which meant that Experiment became his new best friend fairly quickly. While he's quick on his feet and likes to run his mouth, he does have a soft side as is shown by the fact that he cares for a group of orphans back in Canterlot.