Injustices New and Old

Writer(s) Serperior
Date published May 19th, 2015
Words 12,773
Status ongoing
Type/genre Comedy Crossover Adventure
Featuring Raindrops and Thunderlane
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Many have heard of the Swords of Justice, but not so much their mortal equivalent. The Shields of Justice have not been around as long, but they definitely do good, however, not all of their number are pure. Just after this brutal realization, an ancient, almost forgotten god is released, and brings their number to Equus, including the bad apples. Now, with the help of the worlds pony denizens, Their leader, Gallavant and his allies must find their betrayers and rid the world of them, before they corrupt this beautiful, relatively good new world.