Lost and Found

Writer(s) Lance Skyes
Date published August 24th, 2014
Words 8,531
Status ongoing
Type/genre Tragedy Sad Dark Crossover Slice of Life Alternate Universe
Featuring Dinky Doo
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Dinky Hooves and Clefairy have been best friends for some time now. After their chance encounter one day after school, the two were nearly inseparable. Of course, a couple of the other school ponies had their own Pokemon as well, but now Dinky was finally able to join that group.

A few weeks go by, and Dinky gets the idea to go exploring for Pokemon that don't hang out around Ponyville. With Clefairy by her side, she can go anywhere, right? Their first stop: the Ponyville Cemetery.

And that's where Dinky's life changes for the worst...