Pokemon, A Whole 'New' Frontier

Writer(s) CroixAura
Date published May 7, 2014
Words 41,806
Status halted
Type/genre Romance Comedy Crossover Adventure
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
Show connection Season 4
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Jayce is a trainer from the Kalos region, all through out his travels he's gone out of his way to be kind to those he meet and have adventures with his oh so fluffy Meowstic Nao. But when Arceus escapes his prison and decides to move all of his children and a few worthy human to a new world chaos is bound to ensue. The problem is this new world doesn't know they're coming or even what Pokemon are, did I mention this world was filled with colorful ponies? Being in a new world is scary enough, but the humans who find themselves here are turned into Pokemon and Jayce is no exception.