Pokemon Destinies: Wrath of The Taken King
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Writer(s) Metroid Prime
Date published October 31st, 2015
Words 14,804
Status Ongoing
Type/genre Dark, Crossover, Alternate Universe
Featuring Chacters from the "Wayverse", Celestia, Luna, Mane Six, The Hive, Oryx The Taken King
Part of "The Wayverse"
Based on Pokemon, Destiny
Show connection Season 4
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Pokemon Destinies: Wrath of the Taken King is a story by Metroid Prime it is a crossover with the Video Game Destiny and the "Wayverse". It focus on Oryx and the Hive as they come to Equus to avenge the death of Oryx's son Crota by killing Celestia and destroying the planet in the process.


Set in an alternate timeline form the canon stories, this fic centers around the Hive and their campaign of destruction as they travel from land to land either Takening people or destroying them. All the while the Legendary Council and Equestria try to devise a way to defeat Oryx.


Hive Chatacters

  • Oryx, The Taken King: A God and ruler of the alien Hive, Oryx has come to Equus with the purpose of avenging his son by killing Celestia while also making her suffer by destroying her world. He has the ability the corrupt other beigns and turn them against their friends and families.
  • Urrox the Flame Prince: Scion of Oryx and a Hive Acendent Knight who can control fire.
  • Urzok the Hated: A Hive knight who wishes to become Acendent.
  • The Warpreist: Oryx's Commander of the main Hive Army.

Other Authors Characters

Metroid Prime has be given permission to use the following authors O.C.s and characters.

  • Evowizard25
  • tdnpony
  • Uber Reaper


Writing on the story began as early as September. The author asked for various pieces on information form other story writers as well as permission for use of their characters. The author has also stated that he will not be afraid to kill off whatever O.C.s he is given use of.