Scylla the Gyarados
Scylla by v oblivion-d8ez9er
Other names None
Kind Gyarados
Sex Female

Member of the Queen division of Checkmate, Scylla is an aggressive, inpatient, boisterous, insecure of herself, dependent of some, and lonesome Gyarados. Thinner and larger than the average Gyarados. Scylla was, like most Magikarps, looked down for years, to the point she developed an inferiority complex which turn into a boasting complex upon evolving. Now she always shows off how strong she is. As such, she will always made use of more force than needed, but unlike Pancha and King, she does know how to control her power, she just exaggerates by choice. However this is all a need of attention, as she wants to prove she is no longer the weak fish of years ago. The most likely to crumble under pressure if things doesn't go as planned.