The Red Stripe

Writer(s) Komodo23
Date published August 12th, 2014
Words 18,078
Status ongoing
Type/genre Crossover Alternate Universe Human
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Seven years ago, a group of dangerous madmen were stopped on the brink of their victory by the courage of a lonely trainer and the gods they had dared challenge. With the defeat of their leaders and the disappearance of their master and inspirator, the madness that was their shared dream was forever avoided.

Seven years later, Nathan Powell, once Nathan Wood, one of the bearers of that dream, is torn away from his home, his friends and his life of unending running away, just to be thrown in a complete alien world and even stripped of his humanity by the same gods that he had once challenged, so that they may realize their own "dream world".

The irony is not lost on him.