The new world is an empty shell

Writer(s) Festive Sombrero
Date published September 2nd, 2015
Words 3,123
Status Ongoing
Type/genre Adventure, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Dark
Featuring Queen Crysalis
Part of A New World, A New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
Show connection Season 4
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Azimuth was a scientist trainer who was studying mega evolution to create a artificial mega shedinja. His endeavors cost his eye and his position as a proper scientist in the Hoenn region.

The prototype he created nearly claimed his life as the bond test was a critical fail, As he was seconds away from near death he was suddenly thrown into Equestria. Lost, confuse, and little to no memory of his previous life, living wouldn't have been possible if a certain queen was not there to help.

As Azimuth struggles to live in a world entirely unknown to him, there is only one name he can remember: Dr. Yung.