This New World Feels More Like Home
Writer(s) The Emerald Nightingale
Date published August 19th, 2014
Words 5,400
Status hiatus
Type/genre Sex Gore Romance Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Featuring Cheese Sandwich, Coco Pummel
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Fletcher Caine and his partner, Cynder the Typhlosion, have been travelling the world for years, hiding from the Pokemon Rangers the entire way. And finally, they got their wish. The perfect wedding.

But when a certain omnipotent being has had enough of the evil in the world and takes all those who are 'worthy' to Equestria, the dates just so happen to clash.

Now, not only does Fletcher have to find his missing family, but he must also learn to control and master the powers his new body contains. At least he has some help from some of the natives of this world.