Titania the Florges
Titania by v oblivion-d8cc66d
Other names None
Kind Florges
Sex Female

Member of the Rook division of Checkmate, Lala is a Florges that's arrogant, prideful, elegant, and has a strong sense of superiority. Will treat anyone as serfdom or commoners unless they prove better than her on either strength or smarts (She is surprisingly a good sportsmon). Kindness also works to get on her good side, but she will still see you as a low class individual. Titania is, alongside Alice, one of the only members of the group who isn't meant for direct combat. She is more of a bodyguard specialist. She stays close to an X individual and if there is any trouble, say someone want said X dead, she keeps it alive until the rest of the guild arrives. The more likely to tell a crude truth without sugarcoat it.